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Diversified Property Works is a licensed and insured, full service, commercial and residential land company offering a variety of services not limited to Tree Removal, Land Clearing, Forestry Mulching, Home Demolition, Pool Demolition, Commercial Demolition, Debris removal, Commercial Hauling Services, Dump Truck Services, Land Grading, Excavation, Erosion Control, and more. No, we are not a jack of all trades but what we do, we do well! In just a couple of years, we have gone from unknown to the leading providers of commercial and residential clearing and land preparation provider in the Pensacola area. This year we will be expanding our service area to cover all of the Florida Panhandle and South Alabama. To give you an idea of what we can do for you here are some of our most popular services for commercial and residential land clearing and excavation in the Pensacola area. For a FREE no-obligation consultation, please call (850) 712-2492

Forestry Removal Throughout the Panhandle

Regardless of its size trees can be either an asset or a liability. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is underestimating the weight, the tooling, and technique required to bring a tree down safely. If a professional tree risk assessment or home inspector uncovers a potential issue like a tree that is damaged or diseased beyond repair, it is time to call a tree removal or tree cutting company. Our expert arborist will work with you and your schedule to safely and efficiently remove your tree as soon as possible. Sometimes tree removals can be tricky, and mistakes are costly, please make sure the tree removal company you choose is not only licensed and insured but also qualified.

Grading & Clearing Experts!

Are you ready to build but your site looks like a jungle? No problem, Diversified Property Works is just a phone call away! As it is often said “time is money” and when it comes to land clearing hiring a small residential land clearing crew is the right choice. We home many years of experience clearing land parcels throughout the Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama. What may look like sandy soil can often be tougher than you may think. That is why we have an assortment of small to heavy equipment.  No matter what the job calls for; an excavator, a skid steer, a dump truck, or a root rake, we have the best equipment on the market today.  Being able to tackle any size job has been one of the keys to our success.

Forestry Mulching Near Me

Whether you are preparing for hurricane season or simply dealing with that overgrown backyard, more often than not we are going to have to deal with branches, trees trunks, and even big roots. In the past, many people would create a bonfire. That is not only dangerous but in some cases illegal. The most efficient way to get rid of branches, trees trunks, and even big roots is to mulch them. Diversified Property Works can handle all your forestry mulching needs no matter if you have a small tree, a large tree, trees trunks, big roots, or branches. Call us today for a FREE estimate on all your tree removal, land clearing, and forestry mulching needs.

Diversified Property For All Your Commercial & Residential Landscaping

When you call Diversified Property Works you are contacting a company that is ready to get the job done. To us, no job is too small or too big. We made a great investment in acquiring the best tool money can buy. Our goal is to do the job right and fast regardless of the terrain. Name a piece of equipment, and we have it. Our inventory of equipment ranges from excavator to skid steer and dump truck to forestry mulcher, bucket truck, grading buckets, root rakes, and more. Being properly equipped to handle any job has been key to our success. When others fail because they don’t have the right tool, we come in and take care of the problem.

Choosing The Right Company for the Job!

There are many situations when a person needs a tree service in Pensacola and this can include situations where a tree is starting to look sick, it may need to be trimmed, or the person may simply want to plant a different tree in the same place. The average person really doesn’t have the tools or expertise to perform their own tree trimming or stump removal and for this reason, they will usually want to call on a reputable tree service. Here we will take a look at choosing the right Tree Service in Pensacola, Fl.

Three Questions You Should Ask When Selecting A Tree Service

What Kind Of Qualifications And Experience Do They Have?
A company that provides services such as tree trimming, stump removal, and tree cutting requires a level of expertise and appropriate equipment and for this reason, you want to ask them straight out what type of qualifications and experience they have. This is not a time to get someone who is just starting out because you don’t want them to learn on your property. Selecting a tree service near me is convenient but only as long as they are qualified. This type of industry often has a lot of individuals who start up a one-man show and some of these are not even licensed and insured businesses. It certainly is possible that an individual with the experience to do a good job could be new but the question is whether or not you want to take that chance with services being performed on your property. In most cases, you’re going to want to use a company with an established reputation and qualifications to ensure the job will be done correctly.

What Measures Can They Take To Minimize Any Potential Damage To The Property?
Having the expertise to trim trees or to take them down and remove them from a property is what a tree service does. This means they should have practices in place that help protect your property while performing the tree trimming or other services. They not only should have the right type of equipment and experienced tree trimmers and tree removal experts but they should also be fully insured to protect you if something does happen. There are other aspects of tree trimming that could damage your property that you may not think of. For example, if you’re wanting some tree limbs trimmed then you may not want the tree itself damaged by spikes. This means that the tree service needs to be able to get up to the tree limbs and trim them without the use of spikes that can damage the base of the tree. Other problems can be if they use a bucket truck it is heavy and it can damage the ground. A qualified and experienced tree service can avoid this type of property damage.

Do They Carry A Genuine Business License, Insurance, And Reputable Credentials?
It’s never recommended that you hire someone to perform this type of service that simply does it on the weekend as a side job. You’ll want to hire a company that carries a legitimate business license. If they are a licensed business then they will also carry appropriate insurance to protect themselves and you against any type of accident that may occur. In addition to a license and appropriate insurance, you’ll also want to check to see what type of reputable credentials they carry.

A Pensacola tree service will typically have someone who is a certified arborist which means they have specialized training in the proper way of pruning and removing trees based on the most current practices within the industry. Ideally, they will have one or more certified arborist on staff as opposed to outsourcing this responsibility. Having the right credentials is a good demonstration that the company is legitimate and has the experience and knowledge to perform the tree service that you would expect.

Tree Removal Company Serving The Florida Panhandle

A tree can add beauty and shade to a property which makes it an asset but under some circumstances that tree can become a liability. If a tree becomes diseased and it is beyond repair, then it can be a danger to both the property and to the people that frequent that property. This can mean that it needs to be removed.

It is not easy for a person to estimate the weight of a tree regardless of its size. They will typically not understand the tools and the appropriate techniques that will be necessary to bring that tree down safely without doing damage to the property. This is why you need to work with an experienced arborist who understands exactly how to use the right tools and the right techniques for your particular situation in Pensacola, Florida.

Far too many times homeowners and property managers arrange to have a tree removed by an individual who advertises this service for a cheap price. The individual is able to offer this type of service at a cheap price because they simply do it as side work. They may actually be a tree trimmer and have some experience in the industry. Even so, they lack many of the credentials and the total experience needed to protect you and your property.

When a homeowner or property manager hires an individual like this it appears as though they are saving money but if damage to the property occurs or if the individual is hurt while working on the property and they are not a legitimate business with business insurance then the homeowner or property owner could be held liable.

Serving Pensacola For Over 10 Years!

Diversified Property Works is a full-service company that offers tree removal and other tree trimming services. They are one of the leaders in residential and commercial tree trimming for Pensacola and the surrounding area. When someone needs a tree removed they will want to make sure that they’re using a company that really knows what they’re doing. Homeowners or property managers may be wanting to improve the overall aesthetics of the property or they may be wanting to move a tree that has become a hazard. We can provide the trusted service you need and perform the tree removal professionally.

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