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Pensacola Sediment Erosion Control Service Company

Erosion occurs when the soil is exposed to the elements and the ground is even a little bit sloped. Rain and melt-water from snow have the biggest effect on this type of surface since moving water picks up soil particles and moves them along with the flow. This process will eventually result in a washout that gets bigger and deeper with every weather event. Not only does this create a problem with roads and driveways, but valuable topsoil can be washed away.

The best way to avoid erosion is to prevent it from the beginning. The grass is the best way to keep soil in place since the roots form a mat that slows the flow of water and stabilizes the soil.

When a new building is erected, there will be exposed soil due to the excavation work that has taken place in preparation for construction. This is unavoidable, but the property owner should use erosion control procedures until grass seeds germinate and form a natural barrier.

Erosion control blankets can be laid down in sloped areas where rainwater is likely to form a washout channel. Silt control fences can also be placed along the perimeter of the property until the necessary excavation is finished and landscaping is done.

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