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Diversified Property Works is a licensed and insured, full service, commercial and residential land company offering a variety of services not limited to:

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In just a couple of years, we have gone from unknown to the leading providers of commercial and residential clearing and land preparation provider in the Pensacola area.

Bobby White
Bobby White

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I had two old water oaks taken down and two live oaks trimmed. The live oaks look prettier than any tree I’ve ever seen, and the work was thorough! Once they were done, you could barely tell anyone had been in my yard, they did such a good job cleaning up. Professional and awesome! These guys are tree artists.

Johnny Salaza
Johnny Salaza

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

These guys were amazing! Quick and efficient tree removal and trimming. They exceeded our every expectation, look forward to using them again in the future.

lori barrett
lori barrett

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Derek and his crew did fantastic work. He responded very quickly and was able to get 6 rotted water oaks removed quicker than any other service I contacted so we could keep our fence install schedule. They worked quickly, professionally and left our property in pristine condition upon leaving. I am happy to give them my business should I need any future tree services. Thanks again, Derek, for great work!!

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Tree Removal

Licensed & Insured

Tree removals can be tricky, and mistakes are costly, please make sure the tree removal company choosen is not only licensed and insured but also qualified.

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Land Clearing

Trusted and Experienced

Our experienced equipment operators can also assist with land clearing, grading, excavation, erosion control, and more! Call now for a FREE no-obligation quote!

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Home Demolition

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A leading demolition service provider that can provide interior demolition, exterior demolition, or full structure gutting. Call for a FREE no-obligation quote!

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Serving Pensacola For Over 10 Years!

Diversified Property Works is a full-service company that offers tree removal and other tree trimming services. They are one of the leaders in residential and commercial tree trimming for Pensacola and the surrounding area. When someone needs a tree removed they will want to make sure that they’re using a company that really knows what they’re doing. Homeowners or property managers may be wanting to improve the overall aesthetics of the property or they may be wanting to move a tree that has become a hazard. We can provide the trusted service you need and perform the tree removal professionally.


Choosing The Right Company for the Job!

There are many situations when a person needs a tree service in Pensacola and this can include situations where a tree is starting to look sick, it may need to be trimmed, or the person may simply want to plant a different tree in the same place. The average person really doesn’t have the tools or expertise to perform their own tree trimming or stump removal and for this reason, they will usually want to call on a reputable tree service. Here we will take a look at choosing the right Tree Service in Pensacola, Fl.

Three Questions You Should Ask When Selecting A Tree Service

A company that provides services such as tree trimming, stump removal, and tree cutting requires a level of expertise and appropriate equipment and for this reason, you want to ask them straight out what type of qualifications and experience they have. This is not a time to get someone who is just starting out because you don’t want them to learn on your property. Selecting a tree service near me is convenient but only as long as they are qualified. This type of industry often has a lot of individuals who start up a one-man show and some of these are not even licensed and insured businesses. It certainly is possible that an individual with the experience to do a good job could be new but the question is whether or not you want to take that chance with services being performed on your property. In most cases, you’re going to want to use a company with an established reputation and qualifications to ensure the job will be done correctly.

Having the expertise to trim trees or to take them down and remove them from a property is what a tree service does. This means they should have practices in place that help protect your property while performing the tree trimming or other services. They not only should have the right type of equipment and experienced tree trimmers and tree removal experts but they should also be fully insured to protect you if something does happen. There are other aspects of tree trimming that could damage your property that you may not think of. For example, if you’re wanting some tree limbs trimmed then you may not want the tree itself damaged by spikes. This means that the tree service needs to be able to get up to the tree limbs and trim them without the use of spikes that can damage the base of the tree. Other problems can be if they use a bucket truck it is heavy and it can damage the ground. A qualified and experienced tree service can avoid this type of property damage.

It’s never recommended that you hire someone to perform this type of service that simply does it on the weekend as a side job. You’ll want to hire a company that carries a legitimate business license. If they are a licensed business then they will also carry appropriate insurance to protect themselves and you against any type of accident that may occur. In addition to a license and appropriate insurance, you’ll also want to check to see what type of reputable credentials they carry.

A Pensacola tree service will typically have someone who is a certified arborist which means they have specialized training in the proper way of pruning and removing trees based on the most current practices within the industry. Ideally, they will have one or more certified arborist on staff as opposed to outsourcing this responsibility. Having the right credentials is a good demonstration that the company is legitimate and has the experience and knowledge to perform the tree service that you would expect.

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